chris oceana (deathbydying) wrote,
chris oceana

my big fat greek cinema

things have gotten better.
heres an update.

booted out of folks house.
i have now moved into the crosstide
guys house in lake oswego.

spencer is moving to drums for the
cinema, so now we are a 3 piece until
we find a new guitarist and keyboardist,
or one who can do both. going very well.

my work is opening a new kiosk thing in
washington square mall and wants me to be
the manager. more hours, more bling, AND
i get to set my own schedule. ooooh yeah.

anyways, right now I am still pretty stressed
out, but things are getting better and im feelin
happier by the day. now finding a good girl would
just about fill the void and chris would be a happy
boy. but ya cant be tooooo greedy i guess! :)
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